Iceland // Blue Lagoon + Silica Hotel

As part of the surprise trip to Iceland I planned for Mike’s birthday, we visited the Blue Lagoon and stayed at the Silica Hotel, the Blue Lagoon’s secluded nearby hotel.

It is surrounded by a lava field, which is insanely beautiful.  The lagoon is famous for not only being beautiful, but being filled with a milky water that is high in silica, minerals and algae (which left my skin feeling amaaazing).

The Blue Lagoon is visited by 80% of tourists to Iceland, and makes an appearance on many people’s bucket lists.  For good reason.  Before we went, I was concerned it might be a “tourist trap” (a lot of haters are gonna hate in online reviews) but it was genuinely an awesome experience and I highly recommend you go (at the appropriate time to avoid crowds!).


The lagoon is actually manmade, but it didn’t take away from the ethereal experience of being there.  The lagoon itself is fed by super-heated water (think 37–39 °C / 99–102 °F) from the ground near a lava flow that runs through turbines (to power an electricity plant) and then is fed into the lagoon (win-win for environment and for us!)  So, the water at least is a naturally occurring phenomenon, just the lagoon itself was manmade to take advantage of the mineral-rich lava-heated water.

You arrive at your pre-scheduled time (very necessary to pre-book) and use your pre-paid entry package (honestly, the basic one will do it for you, you don’t need a robe and algae face mask (the silica masks are free poolside)), have a quick shower and head out to the lagoon.

You can swim up to the in-pool bar and order smoothies, beer, wine etc.  On entry you are given an automatic wristband and you use the chip in it to charge all your bar expenses to your credit card #technology.

Also, find the mask bar and help yourself to the white goo that everyone is floating around wearing on their face.

Some Lagoon Tips:

  • Pre-book/reserve your arrival time (it gets busy!)
  • Book either early-morning or late-evening to avoid long wait times to check-in!  It seems to be most busy during the day
  • Bring your own towel and save money by buying the basic package (40 Euros per person for the basic package)
  • Bring a pair of sunglasses you don’t mind getting wet, it can be really bright and glare-y in the pool
  • Enjoy a skyr smoothie (Icelandic yoghurt smoothie)
  • Search for the mask bar and slather on some face purifying goo
  • Either don’t get your hair wet, or cover it in conditioner before going in (the minerals are great for your skin, not so great for your hair!)
  • The lagoon is enjoyable rain or shine (it was overcast and rain sprinkled while we were there and it was awesome)


We arrived at the Blue Lagoon at 8AM when it opened, and it was very peaceful and quiet.  As more and more people arrived, you could feel the place becoming more populated, but being a huge expanse, it did not feel crowded.

After floating in the lagoon for two or so hours, we headed back to our hotel.  The beautiful Silica Hotel is set among the lava landscape, close to the public Blue Lagoon and is simple and gorgeous.  Included in the hotel price is complimentary admission to the public Blue Lagoon, but we spent most of our time at the private pool given how much smaller and private it was.


The hotel is so beautiful and minimalist.  It had that Scandinavian/Nordic design feel, everything was beautiful, including the views.


The landscape, lagoon and hotel were absolutely breathtaking.


Add the lagoon to your bucket list, it was an amazing experience!

Louise xx

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  1. A few people call the Blue lagoon a tourist trap but one thing is for sure, when you have entered the lagoon, you forget all about it and are just in awe. However, we do have a few real tourist traps you should avoid at all times. You can find a list of a few of them here:
    Happy Camping!


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