NYC // Museum of Ice Cream

Earlier this week I visited the sold-out Museum of Ice Cream in the Meatpacking District.  Anyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with ice cream.

Museum of Ice Cream NYC - 1

I got back from Italy on Sunday evening, after spending 2 weeks eating gelato, pasta and pizza.  I’ve been trying to detox this week, but who says no to ice cream???? Not me.

So what should you expect from the #MOIC?  More or less a photographer or instagramer’s dream.  It was as delicious for the eyes as it was for your taste buds.

Lots of Ice Cream

They have weekly collaborations with connoisseurs from near and far, for interesting and unique flavors.

Museum of Ice Cream NYC - 2

Helium Sugar Balloons

As the name suggests, edible balloons that are made of sugar and filled with helium.  Hilarious, and tasty!

Museum of Ice Cream NYC - 3

Pool of Sprinkles

This is obviously everyone’s favorite part, and makes for some fun photos.  You can see the genuine excitement on my face here.

Museum of Ice Cream NYC - 8

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(evil!) Magic Lemons

In the last room/chamber of the exhibit, you are offered a “magic berry” which is a molecule that binds with your tastebuds and causes sour foods to taste sweet.  So, we had lemons and ice cream which tasted so incredibly sweet instead of sour.  Which was really cool… Until an hour later when we were sitting at a bar trying to drink a wine and beer (that detox went out the window quick!) and everything tasted terrible!  It took another hour and a plate of palate-cleansing fries (again, detox done for the day) until the effect stopped, our taste buds were back to normal, and I could enjoy the wine I had ordered!

Art Work

A collection of pretty dope art work, of my favorite subject, ice cream.

Museum of Ice Cream NYC - 9


Overall, it was much smaller than I expected, but was a really fun hour of an extreme sugar high and a pool full of sprinkles!  The #MOIC is sold-out until it finishes on September 4th, but you can sign up for email alerts for any extra ticket availability on their website.

Lo xx

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