Cape Cod // Weekend Getaway

As the city heats up, Mike & I have been planning a full summer of escaping the concrete jungle’s heat and humidity.  For the 4th of July, we (Mike, myself and our mate Stu) drove up to Cape Cod to spend some time with Mike’s family and enjoy all that ‘New England’ has to offer.  We had a weekend full of fishing, paddle boarding, beaching and eating.

You have a few options to get there from NYC:

  • Rent a car and drive (4+ hours, depending on traffic)
  • Catch the train to Providence, then a local bus
  • Fly to Boston, rent a car and drive from there
  • Fly to the local Hyannis/Barnstable airport
  • Uber Chopper??

What should we do in this gorgeous place?


Six of us went out on the Salt Shaker for an afternoon of sportfishing with Captain Dan.  Nothing beats being out on the ocean.  We only caught 3 fish this time (which was unusual), but the other 8 or so fish we caught were about 26 inches long (law requires them to be 28 to keep them).  But as I said, nothing beats being out on the ocean.

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Catch of the day @michaelbosserman

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Paddle-boarding / Lake Floating

Next, find a lake or river and go float.  We went to Scargo Lake and Bass River and brought our paddle boards with us.

Rooster LOVES the water, and with the help of his Outward Hound life vest, the deep water was no challenge for his little dachshund leggies.

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The beaches here are way different to what I’m used to down under.  The sand is definitely more pebble-y and you need to have a PERMIT to park there (meaning, be a local).  Craziness! Some beaches allow you to park in the lot for a fee (I think around $25?) so that was a surprise to me.  These beaches get busy, so get there early if you want a parking spot.  The thing I miss most about Australia is (well, after my family and friends) is the beach.  So, a Cape Cod getaway and a swim in the ocean centers me and gives me a little taste of what I miss from home.


We mostly enjoyed home cooked seafood and more, but a few highlights for eating out:

Lobster Rolls at Sesuit Harbor Cafe – this place is an institution and they go and catch the lobster in Maine every morning and bring it back for some delicious lobster sandwiches.

SUMMER 16  - 8

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Lobster rolls ☀️ @michaelbosserman

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Staying in the Dennis area, we stopped in at the Underground Bakery and the Merchantile (“the Merc”) a lot for quick and easy food and coffee.

For a more upscale experience, visit the rooftop ‘Ocean Terrace’ at the Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster or the Wequassett Resort & Golf Club in Harwich.  That shit is fancy.

I still haven’t made it to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard, but I promise it is on the (never-ending) “list”.

I haven’t made it out to the Hamptons yet, so I don’t know how the Cape would compare.  But the Cape is a very quaint, relaxed beach town (especially being an Aussie, I gravitate to the relaxed vibe, but the next-level quaintness and adorableness is something I had never seen before) and I would imagine the Hamptons is much more fancy and more city-feeling than beach-town.

I hope you make it out there sometime!

Louise xx

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  1. Janice Rainbird July 31, 2016 — 7:59 am

    Really interested in your travels Louise – lovely photos. Brings back memories of our trip to Peake Island over 30 years ago! Missing you

    Janice x


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